Echos of the Platters

By popular demand, Tyrone Sweet; “Mr Personalty” is starring in his own Platter’s tribute, singing all the classic Platters hits along with production numbers from the golden age of rock’n’roll. Tyrone, working alongside the legendary Buck Ram, was signed by the original Platters management,
Jean Bennett, who was instrumental in the success of the Platters.

Ty has often been compared to Tony Williams. At a recent “sold out” show, a fan proclaimed, “when I close my eyes I think I’m listening to the original singer.” Tyrone’s smooth and rich baritone voice melts hearts and stirs the memories of a time ever cherished. His charismatic charm delights audiences of all ages, always leaving them longing for more.

“Echos of the Platters” is an amazing amalgam of facility and finesse. Collectively the group’s accomplishments are endless … from Broadway to the “Silver Screen” … from performance on the greatest international stages to Grammy nominated recording artists. The “Echos of the Platters” show is
jam-packed with astonishing musical arrangements woven into a blend of intoxicating harmonies, capturing the authentic sound that we all remember.

Tyrone Sweet’s #1 tribute, “Echos of the Platters” ascends on a sentimental journey through a timeless era. With the paintbrush of the legacy that rocketed five #1 hits into the spotlight, the “Echos of the Platters” paint the town with a rainbow of rhapsody that always commands a standing ovation.

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