Dan Norman

Dan Norman helps Salespeople and Sales Managers increase sales production and shorten sales cycles. He does this by teaching them the actions and practices of the very best salespeople which have propelled them to the tops of their professions and keep them there. Dan, the author of Top Ten Selling, has more than 25 years of experience in Senior Sales and General Management positions. He has built large and successful sales organizations for Fortune 100 companies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Dan’s own career in sales began just out of college with Motorola selling two-way radios to lumberjacks. (Yes, that’s right……lumberjacks! That job is rated the worst in America according to the 'JOBS RATED ALMANAC' by Les Krantz.) In spite of a deep fear of his customers (chainsaw massacre movies and all that…) he loved sales and soon became one of the top sales representatives in his region.

A year later he was promoted to management. Dan was given little management training and, after six months was told by his team that he was the worst boss they had ever had. Then they told him what he needed to do to be a better manager. What he learned from them would prove to be the most valuable management training that he would ever receive.

Five years later, Dan was offered a unique opportunity as Sales Director of a tiny start-up company owned by AT&T called Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS). He accepted the job and joined the Cellular Phone Industry long before it was officially an Industry. His job was to build the sales and distribution network in the Southeast United States. Everything had to be built: sales compensation plans had to be created, sales territories needed to be developed, training programs had to be written, sales representatives needed to be hired and sales offices needed to be opened. Four years later, Dan had built one of the largest sales organizations in the cellular industry with 25 sales offices and almost 300 outside sales representatives.

Dan was then promoted and given responsibility for rebuilding and growing a cellular company which had been acquired by BellSouth Corporation in the United Kingdom. As Managing Director of Air Call Cellular, he doubled the size of the outside, business to business sales force and negotiated a national retail sales agreement with a major United Kingdom retailer. In addition he created and opened the first 24-hour customer care center in the United Kingdom cellular industry.

Returning from the United Kingdom, Dan was given the challenge of creating a New Product Research & Development (R&D) group for BellSouth Cellular. The critical mission was to focus on emerging customer needs and develop the wireless products required to meet those needs. Over the next two years, the R&D team commercialized dozens of new products. The most noteworthy was a product jointly developed with IBM called “SIMON.” The product was the first ever touch screen, wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) combining a cellular phone, fax, e-mail, address book and much more. SIMON was recently named one of the top 50 products in the last 50 years by PC World magazine.

Dan’s last position before becoming a Sales Performance Speaker was as the Vice President & General Manager over one of AT&T’s largest markets. In that position, he was responsible for all channels of sales, customer service and operations, with more than 2,000 employees.

Throughout his career Dan has hired, developed and motivated thousands of sales representatives and hundreds of sales managers. His experience covers all sales channels, including outside business to business sales, inside sales, major accounts, retail sales and telemarketing sales.

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