Rick Searfoss

Rick always customizes using input from senior leaders and meeting planners. The result: stimulating presentations designed perfectly to help individuals, teams, and leaders lift off on their own missions of excellence. Accenture, Microsoft, Shell Oil, Siemens-Westinghouse, Invensys, UUNet, GSA, Motor Trend, American Society of Appraisers, Fiesta Bowl, America's Freedom Festival, GSA, Discovery Channel, ABN-AMRO, The Associates, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Lockheed Martin, BBC, America's Freedom Festival, U.S. Postal Service, many more.

LEADERSHIP "Mach 25 Leadership - The Real Right Stuff"

Attitudes, actions, and approaches for today's leaders at every level. Purpose, program, people, perspective. True leaders balance all these elements to get the job done, build their organization, and uplift their followers. Human space flight lessons learned: invaluable, for any leader, any profession, any time! This program superbly builds and motivates leaders at all levels to boldly take charge and make a difference.

TEAMWORK "Apogee! - Take Your Team to the Top"

Principles for all team players from rookie to mentor to leader. Successful human space missions demand that hundreds of different teams perform together flawlessly and consistently, with the flight crew as much at the top of their game as a World Series or Super Bowl team. An awesome model for any team venture! "Apogee!" shares this teamwork legacy to accelerate your team's ascent to the pinnacle of cohesion and performance.

PEAK PERFORMANCE "Countdown to Success"

Keys to unlock your potential for sustained outstanding performance. The competition to become an astronaut is fierce - less than one in a hundred qualified applicants is selected. What leads to such competitive success? Constant, dedicated pursuit of outstanding individual performance. Rick will arm your group with the astronaut achievement tool kit to launch on your own trajectories to peak personal effectiveness!

INNOVATION "Dare to Explore!"

Flexibility, adaptability, and real-time innovation in dynamic, potentially life-threatening situations - a must for space mission commanders. Learn the three-part sequence for innovation success: "hyper-observation" to sense and prioritize the real needs, "a culture of possibilities" to make iconoclastic approaches the norm, and an "ever onward and upward" process using constant, rapid visualization, modeling, and prototyping to quickly reach elegant, creative solutions to real-world challenges.

PATRIOTISM "America the Beautiful from Space"

Fascinating stories, breathtaking images. America - truly a blessed land. Through the glorious medium of astronaut earth observations photographs, we'll take a breathtaking journey around America. A fascinating combination of inspiring historical, geographical, and cultural stories with stunning images testifying of sublime beauty, wonder, and hope. It will make you more proud than ever to be an American.

FUTURE "As We Dream - A Spacefarer's Vision"

Exciting and optimistic view of the future we can make. In a short 100 years humankind has gone from earthbound to living in space. What challenges and opportunities await us in the next 100 years? With the rare combined perspective of having flown in space, a world-class technical education, and ongoing direct involvement with many private entrepreneurial space ventures, Rick offers a unique view of the technical and cultural possibilities. Unloose your imagination!

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