Thomas L. Baptiste, Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret)
Tom Baptiste grew up in a small farm town in Northern California; put himself through college by pumping gas at a service station each summer and pushing a carpet sweeper through a shopping mall when not in class. Once commissioned a Second Lieutenant, he rose to the highest levels of Air Force leadership. He served our nation for nearly 34 years, moved 20 times, served 15 years overseas and ended his career as the second most senior military advisor to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General. A command fighter pilot, he accumulated nearly 3,000 flight hours in the F-4 Phantom II, the F-16 Fighting Falcon and a variety of trainer aircraft.
Dave Mitchell
Dave creates an incredible blend of insightful business content, mixed with laughter and fun, hence his programs offer a special brand of enter-train-ment that no other speaker can match. A highly acclaimed speaker/trainer, Dave offers over 40 programs focused on sales training, leadership development, team / seam-building and motivational topics - all in keeping with the "laugh and learn" motto.
Joyce Bone
Joyce Bone is a wife, mom and successful entrepreneur. She cofounded EarthCare, an environmental company which grew from zero to NASDAQ, ultimately reaching $125 million in annual revenues. A noted Speaker, Joyce knows how to juggle family and business and is as comfortable on the ball field as she is in the board room. She received her Bachelor's of Science from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, where she is currently pursuing her MBA.
Marvelless Mark
Mark Kamp aka "Marvelless Mark" the "Ambassador of Celebration", also carries such titles as Music Motivator and Mr. Excitement. He is is most certainly the most talked about one-man versatile entertainer in corporate America. He's brash, bold and passionately bent on infecting pure entertainment into any audience. Mark's enthusiasm is refreshing, and his energy level is electrifying.
Michael L. Stahl
Michael L. Stahl can give your organization a sensational boost by providing solid value and money-making results. Clients learn how to build a successful organization from a one of only 23 people in the United States to receive the prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship for Distinguished Americans in 1987. Michael L. Stahl has worked with clients in 35 different cities across North America in a variety of industries.
Rick Searfoss
ngaging and entertaining, Rick speaks from the heart to movingly share the lessons of human space flight. His stunning multimedia presentations filled with spectacular message-reinforcing images uplift, inspire, and move to action. A great mix of down-to-earth style and out-of-this-world excitement as he shares the astronauts' tools for peak performance, teamwork, effective leadership, and innovative results that count!
Simon T. Bailey
Simply put, Simon T. Bailey is a Catalyst for Brilliance . As an internationally known speaker, author and consultant who teaches people how to find their passion and release their brilliance.
As professional speakers, these two award-winning singer/songwriters enhance their keynote presentations, concerts, and workshops with a unique speaking style and powerful songs, which never fail to inspire, motivate and uplift their audiences. Stowe Dailey & Karen Taylor Good. Together, they are StoweGood!
Troy McClain
One of Donald Trump's favorite contestants from NBC's original series of The Apprentice, Troy McClain has gone on to become highly in demand for keynote speeches and meet and greet personal appearances. Troy McClain's story is different than most successful businessmen. He is not pedigreed or papered with long, rich lines of well-to-do ancestors or relatives. He has stumbled, struggled and finally discovered success through family bonds, persistence, creativity, Intelligence and commitment.
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