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What would Florida be without alligators? Why not have these three cute (is that possible) and cuddly (now I am stretching it) Florida alligators at your next event.
Aloha Productions
Let Aloha Productions take you on a journey to the South Pacific where we open up with the distinctive sound of the Blowing of the Conch Shell, then the excitement begins with the Island Drums beating and the entrance of our beautiful Polynesian dancers dressed in colorful and authentic costumes from start to finish.
Asad Mecci
Asad Mecci has been involved in the art and science of Hypnosis and Visualization for many years. Using his incredible talents, Asad has entertained and thrilled spectators as he demonstrates the amazing power of the mind. Using the power of suggestion, Asad is able to induce his subjects to "see" themselves in a given situation, which results in an often hilarious and fascinating sequence of events that truly demonstrates the reality and vividness of the virtual world that Asad has enabled his subjects to paint around them.
Brit Beat
BritBeat! America's Premier Tribute to The Beatles is a theatrical recreation concert celebrating the greatest rock and roll group of all time, The Beatles.
Caricature Artists
All our Caricature Artists are very professional and will create some of the finest Caricature Portraits you will ever see. While interacting with your guests, their personalities will match the fun loving caricatures they produce.
Celebrity Look A Likes
Choose from a variety of Celebrity Look a Likes from Paris Hilton to Lady Gaga to Elton John or even Justin Bieber!
Drum! represents the musical heartbeat of Nova Scotia. It is a spectacular musical production featuring 20 musicians, dancers, drummers, and singers from four principle cultures - Aboriginal, Black, Celtic and Acadian - brought together in a heart-pumping fusion of music, dance, poetry, video, rhythm, and song. DRUM! communicates a message to the world: we can hold on to who we are and still share a song, a stage, a country, a world.
Exotic Animals & Tropical Birds
Our exotic birds are the cutest, most colorful, outgoing, playful, talented birds you will ever want to see. Along with the birds and alligators, we have a falcon, hawks, a two-toed sloth, a ball python, five-foot iguanas and our newest addition a black and white ruffed lemur. All of these wonderful animals can and do add a whole lot of spice to your event.
Fortune Tellers/Psychic Entertainers
Enlighten and enhance any gathering with positive and humorously enchanting Psychic Entertainers.
Hot Latin Nights
Dressed in beautifully adorned Latin costumes trimmed with sequence and flash, these stilted characters will be a spectacle for all to see! With witty remarks and winning personality, these performers will welcome your guests with flying colors!
Jugglers/Fire Jugglers
If you want a single juggler, a tag-team duo or a full blown stage show, we provide the best. They can juggle fire, fire devil sticks, balls, knives and rackets, just to name a few. They can spin pie plates; ride a unicycle while juggling 7 clubs or juggle while balancing on a ladder.
Let's Hang On!
Let?s Hang On! . . . captures the trademark harmonies and crisp choreography which made The Four Seasons one of the greatest vocal groups of all time.
Let?s Hang On! . . . 6 amazing singers backed by 4 energetic musicians, supported by perfectly aligned musical tracks that fill out the show?s big sound...
Living Statues, Topiaries, Floral Trees and Mimes
We offer excellent world class entertainment specifically designed for your Special Events. Our acts are qualified masterpieces of movement, music and storytelling that take audiences on a fun journey of self-discovery and imagination.

We create and produce all our shows and each show is very unique and gives a classy, sophisticated and prestigious touch to any event. It leaves a memorable experience to any audience, to become one of the highlights of your event.
Michael Israel
With several paint brushes in each hand, Michael transforms a larger-than-life rotating canvas into a spectacular, 3-D masterpiece within minutes.
Mickey Finn
Mickey Finn Productions can custom tailor a dazzling show of music and fun for your particular venue. We also have 5 different ready-to-go shows!
Moulin Rouge
Hooping and hollering, Can Can girls will bring France to your event as they high kick, tumble and dance to the famous Can-Can.
Rhythmic Harmony Dancers
Rhythmic Harmony Dancers are world class, multicultural performers who bring the rhythms of the world to their audiences through the language of music and dance.
Temporary Tattoos
Everyone Loves a Tattoo! TEMPORARY TATTOOS and/or AIR BRUSH TATTOOS Both look exactly like a Real Tattoo.
The Amazing Statues
With elegance and grace... these statues come alive! Ancient marble stone figures actually begin to move, when suddenly YOU become the center of attention. Audience participation, lots of fun.
The Everything's WILD Casino Party
Delight your guests with "The Everything's WILD Casino Party". Each gaming attendant is a charming entertainer who will impress the most experienced gamblers as well as coach the no are "pavices. The excitement is contagious when guests id to have fun"!
Wise Guys
Straight off MTV come the Hard Rock Reporter and Cameraman, dressed in glamour rock outfits or funky formal to fit your event. Downtown Julie Blonde and her video-guy put everyone in the spotlight and make all your special guests feel like a star.
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