Aerial Chiffon
An inventive 6 minute juggling performance that incorporates world-class technique, intricate choreography, and amazing skill. Set to a dramatic soundtrack, complex juggling patterns are performed in partial light and black light, with computer controlled props to produce a breathtaking visual experience. This amazingly unique show has been performed throughout Europe, America and Asia and never fails to captivate and intrigue the audience.
Chinese Poles
Chinese Poles are vertical steel poles on which circus performers climb, slide down and hold poses. The poles are generally between 3 and 9 meters in height and approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter.
German Wheel
An acrobat becomes master of his own domain from within a giant wheel consisting of two metal hoops joined at six points and measuring over. A gymnastic exercise hailing from Germany, the German wheel is taken to a whole new level in Quidam. He becomes a human spoke as he spins, turns, twists and maneuvers the wheel, performing gravity-defying somersaults and acrobatics.
Hand Balancers
Two male hand-to-hand balancing performers perform an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. The two combined will create emotion through motions. They complete difficult maneuvers demonstrating perfect harmony, while fusing power and agility.
Hula - Hoop
Her routine is a sensational one involving spinning hoops which she manipulates all over her body. She keeps a hoop spinning on her foot which is raised vertically in the air and then she does various contortionist-like movements on the floor, while keeping the hoop spinning!
Jugglers/Fire Jugglers
If you want a single juggler, a tag-team duo or a full blown stage show, we provide the best. They can juggle fire, fire devil sticks, balls, knives and rackets, just to name a few. They can spin pie plates; ride a unicycle while juggling 7 clubs or juggle while balancing on a ladder.
Lady In White Contortionist
Challenging the limits of the human body, while expressing power and fragility at the same time; our contortionist displays enormous strength and flexibility as she demonstrates a multitude of acrobatic positions seemingly impossible to achieve. Trained in Russia, and having performed with Cirque du Soleil, our contortionist will "bend over backwards" to win your applause.
Lira (Aerial Hoop)
This aerial hoop act reveals two very opposite sides of a woman, fragile and not very faithful in herself. She first submerges onto the stage with a strong feeling of distrust with facing her life until her first contact with the hoop.
Power Skips
The evolution of stilt walking is here with power stilts. This advanced designed stilt gives the members the ability to project themselves high into the air with the acrobats' heights reaching up to 10 feet off the ground. Acrobatic talents puts a whole new dimension to power stilting as they do complex acrobatic routines along with mind boggling somersaults. Power skips have been featured throughout the US and international markets from stage to television.
The Marionette
Bigger than life, wondrous and heart warming. A timeless story of friendship. His marionette is a friend to treasure, and a friend without strings is a friend forever.
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