Asad Mecci
Asad Mecci has been involved in the art and science of Hypnosis and Visualization for many years. Using his incredible talents, Asad has entertained and thrilled spectators as he demonstrates the amazing power of the mind. Using the power of suggestion, Asad is able to induce his subjects to "see" themselves in a given situation, which results in an often hilarious and fascinating sequence of events that truly demonstrates the reality and vividness of the virtual world that Asad has enabled his subjects to paint around them.
Dewey Chaffee
Dewey Chaffee is a widely-respected entertainer hailing from sunny Orlando , Florida . Dewey is a working improvisational actor, stand-up comedian, and Master of Ceremonies.
Erick Olsen
Award winning magician, Erick Olsen, is a cross between Jay Leno and David Copperfield with amazing magic, comedy, visual gags and quick one liners. He will have you amazed and amused throughout the entire show.
Jaimie Roberts
As Central Florida 's most requested "chick singa", Jaimie will take you on a witty and satirical journey through life in her one-woman show "Stuff Like That There". Or sit back and hold on as she cooks up parodies of doughnuts, chicken, and perils of the kitchen in "Come and Get it!" If you're hungry for a good time- let Jaimie serve it up in grand cabaret style!
John Ekin
The upbeat music begins and everyone knows that they're in for an exciting program that will leave them both rollicking with laughter as well as flabbergasted in disbelief as John takes to the stage with his side splitting comedy cabaret. A full half-hour later the room is practically turned upside down. Nearly half dozen guests have starred onstage and everyone in the room has been part of the fun.
Lyndel's Comedy & Magic
Not just another magician - but a true artist, a creator of a thousand smiles, a professional performer who provides what is fast becoming once of America's most sought after comedy act's. His performance is professional and entertaining - guaranteed to hold your attention, your mind, and defy your eyes.
Rich Natole
Rich Natole is an outstanding comic impressionist and emcee who will delight your audience with his brand of good, clean humor.
Wacky Waiter
This formal but buffoon like waiter creates havoc, mayhem and laughs galore. Either as a stage or strolling act, bringing his dinner diversions to parties of all size of events. Awards banquets, cocktail hours, Christmas parties, corporate sales meetings or any event that you want to produce fun and memorable times; The Wacky Waiter is your guy!
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