Celebrity Look Alikes

Celebrity look alikes are becoming increasingly more popular for every kind of event. Whether as performers or simply for meet ‘n greet/photo ops, these entertainers are great value for their cost.

Ace Ventura
Angelina Jolie
Anna Nicole Smith
Aretha Franklin
Austin Powers
Bette Midler
Billy Joel
Blues Brothers
Britney Spears
Buddy Holly
Charlie Chaplin
Chevy Chase
Dame Edna
Dolly Parton
Edward From Twilight
Elizabeth Taylor
Elton John
Garth Brooks
George W. Bush/Laura Bush
Gloria Estefan
Hannah Montana
Inspector Clouseau
Jack Nicholson
Jay Leno
Joan Rivers
John Lennon
Johnny Depp/Capt. Jack Sparrow
John Travolta
Kathy Griffin
Little Richard
Liza Minelli
Marilyn Monroe
Michael Jackson
Mick Jaggar
Neil Diamond
Nicole Kidman
Ozzie Osbourne & Sharon Osbourne
Paris Hilton
Patsy Cline
Pierce Bronson
President Barrack Obama/Michelle Obama
Ricky Martin
Robert De Niro
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Rod Stewart
Rosanne Barr
Sean Connery/James Bond 007
Shania Twain
Steve Martin
Tina Turner
William Shatner
Yoko Ono

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